Casa Azul, Tennis Club, Palm Springs

We fell in love with Palm Springs many years ago and decided that eventually it would be our retirement home. Bryan was referred to us in May 2015 by a friend who was a previous client. Our first meeting was to determine if we were a good fit and could work together to explore our options in Palm Springs. We were very pleased with Bryan’s real estate expertise, market knowledge and overall outstanding scope of competency. Not only does he understand the various Coachella Valley real estate markets and market trends, but he is also very good at understanding his clients. Bryan listens well to what clients need/want, whether it’s to purchase a full-time or seasonal home or as an investment purchase, and he helps guide the process without being overbearing or too directive. In our case, my wife and I only wanted to talk about the market and check out inventory…until we found the perfect Palm Springs home in the perfect neighborhood (Tennis Club) and decided to pursue a dream with the hope of making it a reality. Bryan helped us with the rather arduous purchase process, which included providing emotional support and
steadying nerves, and we are now the proud owners of a very successful vacation rental, Casa Azul, that will be our retirement home in the near future. Thank you, Bryan, for making our dream a reality.

Rebecca Kuga & Irene Gilbert

Desert Modern Chic, Sunrise Park, Palm Springs

My husband and I have been vacationing in the desert for years and finally decided to purchase a home of our own. We bumped into Bryan Schopp at an open house he was holding. While the property he was selling wasn’t for us, we knew Bryan was! He quickly took note of what we were looking for, sent us multiple properties to review and consider. I spent a day running around the city of Palm Springs with Bryan seeing everything in our desired locations and beyond. We found our home and within two weeks closed escrow. Bryan went above and beyond in securing we got the deal we wanted. He continues to be “our guy” as he and his partner, Ron, and their vacation rental company (Palm Springs Dream Home Vacation Rentals) are representing us with vacation renters. Bryan is creative, diligent and knows the desert extremely well. He continues to support us in providing top notch people to take care of our
property. Bryan is by far one of the most knowledgeable real estate professionals we have had the pleasure of working with. My husband and I have purchased multiple properties and never has an escrow gone so smoothly, all attributed to Bryan. He makes it happen on all levels. We highly recommend Bryan to anyone looking to find their dream home, he’s top of his game.
Pam & Phil Walker

The Springs, Rancho Mirage

I had been looking for months on the Internet at houses all over the map of California when, one evening in June,
I found my dream house. It was in Rancho Mirage. I needed to see it and my brother knew of an agent. It was Bryan Schopp. Bryan had represented friends of his with a recent purchase and he came highly recommended. The night before I was supposed to drive to see the house I got cold feet. I called Bryan to cancel my showing, but he talked me out of it! That conversation was the ᖨrst of many
positive impressions Bryan made on me. When I saw the house it confirmed my desire to own it and I signed with him to be my agent. First order of business was to go over a checklist of criteria to ensure it was feasible. It was no small feat as I would need to sell my house within three months. He created net sheets, vetted my capital gains status and proposition 60/90 eligibility, etc. He studied comps for the house I was selling and was always available for consultation for that process, in fact so much so that I considered him my de facto listing agent. I immediately became aware that I was dealing with a seasoned agent with a broad background in ancillary skills including financing and construction. No question was a dumb question and ALL my questions got answered in a patient manner. My transaction on my dream house was a piece of cake, but I was having issues with selling my house and that’s where Bryan took on double duty. He coached and mentored me through the “divorce” with the listing agent on my house, providing much needed moral support. Bryan is solution driven, super responsive, keeps the course and has a consistent warm, nurturing personality. I highly recommend him.

Dianne Nezgoda

Escena Modern, Palm Springs

Bryan assisted us in ᖨnding the right home in our relocation to Palm Springs. He keeps abreast of market trends and listens to his clients wants and needs. More importantly, he was extremely patient with us during our home search, never pushing us toward a purchase we were not comfortable with.

Dave Cleveland & Ron Anderson

Chino Canyon, Palm Springs

Bryan Schopp was referred to me by close friends of mine after they learned I wanted to buy a house in Palm Springs. I contacted Bryan and found him to be not only personable but knowledgeable about the housing market in Palm Springs and surrounding cities. I lived two hours from the Palm Springs area at the time I was searching for a home, plus I was rather particular about the type of house I wanted. Throughout the search Bryan was patient and had a keen eye for spotting potential problems with the properties we
were looking at. Once we found the perfect house, Bryan guided me through the purchasing process with expertise and was always available for me to talk with when I had questions about the transaction. Bryan Schopp is personable, patient, knowledgeable and easy to work with. Without Bryan I would not be living in my dream home. I highly recommend him.

John Weidknecht

Desert Hot Springs Income Property

I have known Bryan Schopp for many years. As a Realtor in San Francisco I look to him for help with residential real estate in the Palm Springs desert area and for good reason. In fact, he recently represented me in a very smooth transaction. He has shown true professionalism, market knowledge, and enthusiasm. If you are looking for someone who is dedicated to serving your real estate
needs with integrity, compassion and good humor Bryan is be the right Realtor.

Frank Castaldini

The Manzanitans,Deepwell, Palm Springs

My partner and I moved to Palm Springs in 2012, strangers to the real estate market here. A friend referred us to Bryan saying “you can trust him.” Bryan proved to be an energetic, attentive agent who focused on finding a home which met our requirements. He has years of experience in this market and has represented buyers and sellers in many different areas in the Coachella Valley. He showed us appropriate homes in several neighborhoods, he gave us unbiased factual information about Palm Springs neighborhoods, and
he explained the value differences we should consider in choosing fee or leased property. When we identified our preferred neighborhood he found available homes there. He even remembered a home that had been taken off the market but that met our “must have” list, so he located the owners and arranged a meeting with them that very day. That home met our criteria perfectly and we bought it that day. Throughout the brief escrow period Bryan continued to monitor the process, making it a prompt and smooth closing. I would recommend him to anyone seeking an honest, diligent realtor who will pay attention to what the buyer wants and who will represent that buyer’s best interests in obtaining the desired property.

Larry & Bill