The Professional Real Estate Agent……

With Stellar Customer Service, and a background in mortgage lending, Bryan Schopp is able to give his clients the most efficient and enjoyable home buying and selling process possible. By creating a personalized and no-pressure atmosphere, he helps clients to find not just a property, but the perfect home that is tailored to their needs and desires.

That process is made simpler by Bryan’s utilization of modern technology, making the most current listing on the market accessible to even his busiest clients in person or by email. He is also able to record and retrieve digital signatures, making the home buying process more convenient to out-of-town buyers and seller, and is not afraid to negotiate to achieve his clients’ dreams.

….And The Human Real Estate Agent…..

Although Bryan’s resume is impressive, qualifications alone do not mean a perfect client-agent match. The search for a perfect home can be a short or long path, and Bryan believes that having a good relationship with your agent is crucial to having a successful experience. Frequently recognized around the valley by clients who give him a friendly hug, or a refer a friend or family member to him, Bryan has a collection of amusing stories of the time he went far above and beyond the call of duty.


….What Do Bryan’s Clients Appreciate the Most About Him??????

“I work hard to know this market,” he says. “I engage strong analytical skills in understanding and serving my clients` needs and desires.” He credits staying abreast of the residential inventory for much of his success, and keeps current by regularly previewing properties. “It`s the only way to know what`s available,” says Bryan. “With careful preparation, I not only save my clients time, they can be sure I`ll show them each of the properties that fit their needs.”